Are you also getting into the habit of checking labels of the things you buy in the stores?

Most of us know about the differences if we buy our vegetables from our local farmer or biostore or from the supermarket chain. Most of us know that there is much less harmful things in grassfed beef than in the industrial meat .

And most of us have become more conscious about what we put into and on our bodies over the last years.

Young Living is truely unique with their promise for and deep commitment to purity of their essential oils and products!

Young Living is the only essential oil company that owns their own Farms with destilleries around the globe. With their Seed to Seal Process, the whole process of the production of essential oils stays actually in one hand. From the soil to the seeds, the fertilizer and the weeding, the harvest and ( most important) the destillation, up to the testing and then bottleing of the oils, everything happens under the control and with the vast knowledge of Young Living.

So you and I can be sure to benefit from the highest quailty essential oils!

Lavender Flowers                                       Helichrysum                              Helichrysum Farm Croatia                           Planting Helichrysum

Lavender Flowers                                       Helichrysum                              Helichrysum Farm Croatia                           Planting Helichrysum

Each and every essential oil contains specific plant compounds that offer the greatest potential benefit in their natural,  unadulterated state. Think of a mosaic or an orchestra: if a couple of stones or instruments are missing, something will be slightly off. Some of us will notice it right away, for some of us it will take a while. The same happens when a stone or an instrument is replaced by a synthetic one. You can even mimic an orchestra with a synthesizer, but we will hear the difference.

The same is true for the quality of essential oils!

The best way to experience this transparency is to visit one of the global farms and check it out! If you want to know the next event near you, just contact me!


The Farms :

  • In the US in Mona, Utah and St.Maries, Idaho ( where Young Living started)
  • The Northern Light Farm in Fort Nelson, Canada where - amongst other- the amazing Black Spruce essential oil is destilled.
  • In Guayaquil, Ecuador where they have the largest destillery in South America
  • In Iquitos, Peru where YL Purchased more than 3400acres of Amazon Rainforest
  • In Salalah, Oman: this is really special because Young Living is the only essential oil company that was given permission to destill and export Sacred Frankincense!
  • And, of course en Provence, France in Simiane-la-Rotonde
  • This April 2015 YL opened their newest farm in Croatia where we got to plant the precoius Helichrysum plant this spring!

YL Farm Croatia, April 2015; happily planting Helichrysum