Essential oils are the natural, very concentrated, aromatic liquids that are within trees, flowers, leaves, shrubs, roots, seeds and even grass and are usually extracted through steam destillation.

Essential oils supports the plants in their growth and adaptation to the enviroment as well as play an important role in defending against insects and diseases.

Essential oils are very complex and are made up of hundreds of different, unique chemical compounds.

It requires a large amount of plant material to produce a small amount of essential oil, for example it takes 2500kg of rose petals to produce 1kg of rose essential oil! Wow!


Why Quality matters

The Quality of an essential oil is really important. Actually it is the key to have an essential oil with optimal levels of the specific, naturally occuring constituents that characerize each plant!

When working with and using essential oils they will obviously end up in each cell of our bodies.  Every chemical constituent of the essential oil. So the quality of the oil determins whether there is a favorable action or a damaging action in our bodies.

That's why you want to use therapeutic grade essential oils. The best!

Check out Young Living's Seed to Seal® Process or even better, lets go and visit one of the many Young Living farms!


Where and how to start with the oils?

Young Living offers so many single essential oils and great blends, which can surely be overwhelming if you are new to the oils! So where to start?

From Young Living's 20+ years of experience they picked the most used essential oils and created a Kit to start your essential oil journey with.

There are 3 differnet Premium Starter Kits that offer a great, easy yet effective way to start using the essential oils and products everyday!

 Premium Starter Kit: Here you'll get 11 most used essential oils in 5ml bottles as well as the Dew Drop Diffuser which helps a lot to start using the oils in a simple and safe way! Along comes valuble information, essential oil samples for you to share with your loved ones and samples of the yummy NingXia Red juice.

Premium Starter Kit Aria: This Kit is the same than the "normal Premium Starter Kit with all the essential oils and samples, but with the elegant Aria Diffuser instead of the Dewdrop diffuser.

Premium Starter Kit NingXia Red: start healthy with 2 bottles of NingXia Red, 1 pack of NingXia Nitro, 30 sample packages NingXia Red for on the go as well as 5ml StressAway! This is a wonderful way to start to boost your everyday wellbeing!

Premium Staretr Kit

Premium Staretr Kit