Fitness supporting essential oils :

  • Peppermint - supports and enhances healthy blood flow and oxygenation; a couple of drops inthe palm of your hands, rub onto your neck and shoulders and inhale; a few drops on desired area helps to cool down
  • Idaho Blue Spruce - supports healthy hormone balance
  • Copaiba - supports a healthy immune system
  • PanAway - supports healthy circulation and recovery after work out
  • Deep Relief -
  • StressAway - supports healthy hormone balance; great for after workout relaxation!
  • there is even an blend that's called FITNESS from the Oola Infused 7 Kit!
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Fitness supporting Young Living Nutritional Supplements:

  • NingXia Red -

    an amazing antioxidant drink! NingXia Red contains complete Goji berry puree, Grape seed extract, Blueberry Plum, Aronia, Cherry, plus a number of EO. Also it contains21 trace minerals, 18 amino acids, carotenoids, symbiotic vitamin/mineral pairs, Vit B1 B2 B6, &E, polyphenosl flavonoids. NingXia Red has an extremely high ORAC ( that supports our immune system, liver function and eye health.

  • NingXia Nitro -

    low caffein but supports mental and physical focus. Absolute booster for any ahtlete or anyone needing mental focus. Maximises energy evel. The closest we can get to Asterix’ magic potion :)

  • OmegaGize -  high qualtiy Ω3 from krill, EPA,DHA,CoQ10Vit D and E from mixed Tocopherols, Clove and Camomille EO to reduce oxidation
  • Sulfurzyme - MSM: Methylsulphonylmethan: organic sulphur, supports every major function of human body
  • BLM - MSM, glucosamin sulfate, type II collagen, supports Bones, Ligmanets, Muscles, hence BLM
  • Power Meal -  High protein low carb meal replacement
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Post Workout / restorative Essential Oils and infused products:

  • again, NingXia Red!
  • take a nice relaxing bath with a couple of drops of essential oil Idaho Blue Spruce and Epsom Salt;
  • Blends like Relieve It, PanAway  and Deep Relieve are also great helpers !


Here are some more infos on using Young Living products for Fitness on the Young Living Blog

Here you can read about athletes that love to use Young Living products to support them in their performance and life!

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