Essential Workout 1

I am not a workout person...AND my husband and I signed up for the Cape Argus 2016 bicycle race in Cape Town, South Africa! A one day race, coming up on the 6th of March!

So I have to get going, right?!

In doing so these are my top two, absolut necessary, have to have, without I will not get on the bike!

Peppermint essential oil - it enhances the oxygen intake into our bodies, is nicely cooling, for the occaisonal twinge and it helps me to keep going!

  • a couple of drops into my hands and taking deep breaths in- even while on the bike;
  • a couple of drops into my hand and cover my thights and calves.

NingiaNitro - a quick pick me up without the caffeine or sugar overload! Infused with essential oils Peppermint and Black Pepper, Yerba Mate, botanical extracts, D-ribose, Korean ginseng, and green tea extract, it supports alertness, as well as cognitive and physical fitness.

  • great for that afternoon low
  • before and during exercise
  • while on longer roadtrips or when we need a bit more of concentration while being on the road
  • for cognitive focus

so before we started cycling today we had a Nitro to support our legs to get us up those hills :)

     NingXia Nitro                                                          essential oil Peppermint

     NingXia Nitro                                                          essential oil Peppermint