Grand Convention 2018

This year there were about 32000 people who came from all over the world to Salt Lake City in the middle of June to celebrate their accomplishments, to learn new things, to get to know all the YL products and essential oils !

A lot of like-interested people :) with endless opportunities to make new friends, get inspirered, listen to and share YL stories !!! How wonderful was that?!!!

For us this was the third Young Living Convention and for me this one was the best one yet!

WHY?  3 Reasons:

  1.  The Main Speakers:

    Mary Young opened the Grand Convention with her touching hommage to her husband Gary !  And their son Jacob sang with an outstanding voice, wow!!!

    Eric Worre from Network marketing Go Pro was on main stage the second day and he has surely seen a lot in the Network Marketing world!!! He introduced himself with his lemon trousers and lavender outfit :) and then took us all to the next level of understanding why network marketing is not perfect, but just the better way.

    Mel Robbins rocked the stage with her lifechanging 5 Sec Rule !
    Please go to youtube and check out her videos and / or get her book " the 5 Second Rule". Just do it!
  2. Inspiration/ Motivation:

    I always love to meet again with people we got to know on other events and of course to make new friends, listen to theirs stories and share ours.
    (If you are shy: use the Mel Robbins 5 Second Rule to start a conversation with someone that you get the inclination to talk to !)

    So many great ideas are floating around, so many great entrepreneurs!

    And it does not matter how long you have been with YL or what rank you have. Sometimes you are the student, sometimes you are the teacher :)
  3. Greater Purpose:

    The Young Living Foundation raised over  $1.000.000 for Hope for Justice, a project that helps to end modern day slavery and sex trafficing! WOW

    With that money, new lighthouses will be build for girls and women to seek safe shelter, getting cared for and helping them on their journey forward.

    Check out the Young Living Foundation Website

    All our donations go 100% to the projects! YL pays all the administrative costs!!!
  4. :) What amazed me most is to realize how much our own personal growth really has an impact on how we experience this kind of event: it seems that the vision gets bigger and bigger :)

So, are you curious about coming along next year with us to the big 25 Year Young Living Celebration Convention? Get your ticket here !

Or meet us in Prague in September for the european Convention! From the 7.9.-9.9.2018. YES!
Get your ticket here!

We are so looking forward to spending some wonder-full time with you!