Happily Outdoors

Summer is here, we are happy to spend as much time outside as we can, breathing in all the beautiful scented air, enjoying our barbeque in the evenings and a nice glass of cooled Rosé, until.......yes, little things/ insect matters, because of the potential of annoyance

So let's see what tools we found to keep those annoyances away:

  1. if you happen to live in the States, it's easy: just order YL Insect repellent, 6floz. and apply with good conscience on yourself and your (grand-/god-/...) children.
  2. in the DIY sector, you can creat your own spray with a base of Water or Witch Hazel: add Citronella, Lavender, Geranium, Rosemary, Cederwood, Patchouli as well as the blends Purification or even R.C. 

    Recipe A:
    10 drops EACH of Purification, Lavender, Peppermint and R.C. in a 2 oz/ about 55ml bottle, fill up with water and shake well before applying.

    Recipe B :
     Add 10 drops EACH of Lavender, Lemongrass and Patchouli in a 60ml brown glassbottle and fill it up with water

    TRY THIS Recipe C:
    mix a couple of drops of Thieves® Handpurifier and Purification and apply on exposed skin. ( from a YL Diamond in Canada :) )
  3. add the essential oils above into your diffuser.
  4. or just put a Roll-On top on top of the blend Purification. If you want to use it diluted for your children, dilute it with some V6 oil.

Enjoy  a wonderful and relaxed evening or time outside.

DIY Einkorn bread

You will find Einkorn products since about 2 years in the product realm of Young Living: there is Einkorn flour, Einkorn Pancake mix, Einkorn Spaghettis and Rotinis....

Einkorn is Triticum monococcum, it's called petit épautre in french and is one of the oldest domesticated wheats. It has 14 chromosoms and is quite compatible for those who are gluten intolerant.

In France it has always been cultivated together with Lavender as a rotation crop. That way it has always been around, but is gaining in popularity quite fast nowadays. You can easily get it in any biostore here in France.



Einkorn Bread

This is a really easy recipe to make your own Einkorn bread - so no excuses :)

Preheat the oven to 250°C / 475°F.

Mix 500g / about 3.5.-4 cups of Einkornflour with 1 pack (8g / a bit less than 1 tblsp) of dry yeast, a bit of salt, a handful or two of seeds and/ or nuts of your choice - linseed, hempseed, sunflowerseed,...

Add about 0.5.liter / about 2 cups of lukewarm water and kneet until everything is well combined.

Put into a breadbaking form and cut a fine line in the middle of the bread with a wet knife to make sure it rises and "breaks" in the middle.

Reduce the oven to about 200°C / a bit less than 400°F and bake for about 45 minutes.

Et voilà -  bon appétit!

mmmmh, smells soooo good!!!

mmmmh, smells soooo good!!!

Growing Einkorn is quite easy and is done from September till it is harvested the following August.

In the South of France en Provence, Young Living is growing Einkorn and is even running their own Einkorn mill that you can visit when you join the Young Living Lavender Harvest that takes place each July. It is beautiful and so worth it !!!


Nicolas landel & Captain Nitro at the Einkornmill

Nicolas landel & Captain Nitro at the Einkornmill


honestly ? Bodybutter is quite fatty and oily and sometimes I love it and sometimes it is too much.

There are endless possible combination, starting with the combination of butters like Shea-, cacao-, mango- or other nutty butters.

You have the choice between different vegetable oils you want to use, like almond oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil.

And then it is up to you what kind of essential oil blend you want to add for what pupose.

OK then, lets start easy and simple!

the basic proportions to making bodybutter are approximatly 3/4 solids (butters) and 1/4 liquids.

 Coconut oil is considered a solid, but I would say that depends where you are living and if it gets that hot tht coconut oil is naturally liquid....also if it is really hot where you are living, you might want to add a little bit of beeswax to it.

So here is one nice recipe:

  • 90g Sheabutter and 30 g Coconut oil; melt together in a bain marine, then mix in
  • 40ml Almond-, or Jojoba-, or YL V6 oil
  • pour into a glass bowl where it is easy to mix it with an electric mixer later
  • put the mixture into the fridge or outside- depending how cold it is. This mixture needs to harden a little and depends on how cold it is. It is readdy when it is still soft in the middle but also not completly solid on the outside. There is a picture below.
  • Then add your precious essential oils! Depending on the smell of the sheabutter you might need more than we think. Lavender essential oil is of course a classic one and a great one! Geranium or Myrrh, Frankinsence and cedarwood as well. A mixture of around 20-50 drops but that really depends on the essential oil you are using. Jasmin, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli are favorits. I also love the citrus oil familyand that is ok for the northern countries: Citrus essential oils can be phototoxic- don't go into the sun before 12-24 hrs after applying.
  • Now whipping the mixture up with your electric mixer until it looks like whipped cream.
  • put in nice, clean glassjars and store in your fridge if you don't use them right away.


this is how the right consistency looks like                            

this is how the right consistency looks like                            

Et voilà!

Enjoy your creation!