What is the ER Programm?

ER Programm- Essential Rewards - also, as we call it, the frequent oils programm, the VIP programm, the way-to-a-toxic-free-home-programm :)

It means: 

  • free oils and free oil enhanced products
  • reduce shipping rate
  • convenient delivery to your home: you don't have to go out and buy at the store
  • transfer buying: you are now ordering products that you would normally go and buy at the store
  • knowing the ingredients of the oils and oily products,
  • taking care of yourself by taking control of what products are coming into your home.

Check it out:

ER_Essential Rewards-3.png

How do you redeem your points into free products?


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This video is still as valuable as it was 2 years ago! Please also check out the Young Living income disclosure at the bottom of this post.