Lavender and Lavandin

What is the difference between Lavender and Lavandin?

When you drive to Provence en France, there is this amazing moment, when you spot the first purple spot between the trees or bushes ! Yeah!

And then there is the next purple field and the next and then the fields are everywhere - sooo beautiful!

Most of what you will see are fields of cloned Lavandin or cloned Lavender.

Lavandin is a hybrid, it is steril, each and every plant looks exactly the same - hence the beautiful perfect lines of purple lavandin we see en Provence.

Lavandin also has much more yield and so it is cheaper to produce than true Lavender. It is widely used in the perfume and soap industry.

Lavandin has significant more camphor than true Lavender and the untrained nose has a hard time to differenciate between true Lavender and Lavandin.

©2017 Nicolas Landel

©2017 Nicolas Landel

Lavandin is the "child" of true Lavender and Spike Lavender.

Lavandin is a great essential oil for cleaning. They even clean animal cages with Lavandin essential oil.

So because they smell similar and Lavandin is much cheaper, a lot of Lavender essential oil that is sold is actually diluted with Lavandin essential oil.  True Lavander on the other side provides a much lesser yield, making it a more expensive essential oil.

The uses for true Lavender are very different ones - true Lavender :

  • is great to enhance the appearance of our skin. So you can put a couple of drops in your chemical free body lotion, cream or in a vegetable oil like coconutoil and nourish your skin. You can also put a couple of drops into your chemical free shampoo. Or create your own relaxing bath salt. There are so many uses in this area!
  • put a couple of drops in your cold diffuser or on your pillow to help you get a restful night.
  • or put a coupleof drops on the soles of your feet before going to bed.
  • put a couple of drops in your cold diffuser whenever you want to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

The difference between Clonal and Population Lavender

If you take a twig from a Lavender plant and grow another plant out of it, it is called a clonal Lavender. It is exactly the same Lavender, the same size, the same smell and the same color.

If you grow your Lavender plant from the seed you will get a great variety of different Lavender plants and it is called populational Lavender. It is different in size, in smell and in color. So these fields look very different from the homoge

Young Living grows only from seeds as they believe in the power of the variety from plant to plant.