What is the ER Programm?

ER Programm- Essential Rewards - also, as we call it, the frequent oils programm, the VIP programm, the way-to-a-toxic-free-home-programm :)

It means: 

  • free oils and free oil enhanced products
  • reduce shipping rate
  • convenient delivery to your home: you don't have to go out and buy at the store
  • transfer buying: you are now ordering products that you would normally go and buy at the store
  • knowing the ingredients of the oils and oily products,
  • taking care of yourself by taking control of what products are coming into your home.

Check it out:

ER_Essential Rewards-3.png

How do you redeem your points into free products?


Happily Outdoors

Summer is here, we are happy to spend as much time outside as we can, breathing in all the beautiful scented air, enjoying our barbeque in the evenings and a nice glass of cooled Rosé, until.......yes, little things/ insect matters, because of the potential of annoyance

So let's see what tools we found to keep those annoyances away:

  1. if you happen to live in the States, it's easy: just order YL Insect repellent, 6floz. and apply with good conscience on yourself and your (grand-/god-/...) children.
  2. in the DIY sector, you can creat your own spray with a base of Water or Witch Hazel: add Citronella, Lavender, Geranium, Rosemary, Cederwood, Patchouli as well as the blends Purification or even R.C. 

    Recipe A:
    10 drops EACH of Purification, Lavender, Peppermint and R.C. in a 2 oz/ about 55ml bottle, fill up with water and shake well before applying.

    Recipe B :
     Add 10 drops EACH of Lavender, Lemongrass and Patchouli in a 60ml brown glassbottle and fill it up with water

    TRY THIS Recipe C:
    mix a couple of drops of Thieves® Handpurifier and Purification and apply on exposed skin. ( from a YL Diamond in Canada :) )
  3. add the essential oils above into your diffuser.
  4. or just put a Roll-On top on top of the blend Purification. If you want to use it diluted for your children, dilute it with some V6 oil.

Enjoy  a wonderful and relaxed evening or time outside.

Grand Convention 2018

This year there were about 32000 people who came from all over the world to Salt Lake City in the middle of June to celebrate their accomplishments, to learn new things, to get to know all the YL products and essential oils !

A lot of like-interested people :) with endless opportunities to make new friends, get inspirered, listen to and share YL stories !!! How wonderful was that?!!!

For us this was the third Young Living Convention and for me this one was the best one yet!

WHY?  3 Reasons:

  1.  The Main Speakers:

    Mary Young opened the Grand Convention with her touching hommage to her husband Gary !  And their son Jacob sang with an outstanding voice, wow!!!

    Eric Worre from Network marketing Go Pro was on main stage the second day and he has surely seen a lot in the Network Marketing world!!! He introduced himself with his lemon trousers and lavender outfit :) and then took us all to the next level of understanding why network marketing is not perfect, but just the better way.

    Mel Robbins rocked the stage with her lifechanging 5 Sec Rule !
    Please go to youtube and check out her videos and / or get her book " the 5 Second Rule". Just do it!
  2. Inspiration/ Motivation:

    I always love to meet again with people we got to know on other events and of course to make new friends, listen to theirs stories and share ours.
    (If you are shy: use the Mel Robbins 5 Second Rule to start a conversation with someone that you get the inclination to talk to !)

    So many great ideas are floating around, so many great entrepreneurs!

    And it does not matter how long you have been with YL or what rank you have. Sometimes you are the student, sometimes you are the teacher :)
  3. Greater Purpose:

    The Young Living Foundation raised over  $1.000.000 for Hope for Justice, a project that helps to end modern day slavery and sex trafficing! WOW

    With that money, new lighthouses will be build for girls and women to seek safe shelter, getting cared for and helping them on their journey forward.

    Check out the Young Living Foundation Website

    All our donations go 100% to the projects! YL pays all the administrative costs!!!
  4. :) What amazed me most is to realize how much our own personal growth really has an impact on how we experience this kind of event: it seems that the vision gets bigger and bigger :)

So, are you curious about coming along next year with us to the big 25 Year Young Living Celebration Convention? Get your ticket here !

Or meet us in Prague in September for the european Convention! From the 7.9.-9.9.2018. YES!
Get your ticket here!

We are so looking forward to spending some wonder-full time with you!

YL Compensation Plan part 1 with 50 PV

Curious about how this Network marketing works for Young Living?

This video is still as valuable as it was 2 years ago! Please also check out the Young Living income disclosure at the bottom of this post.


Oral Care

Toxic free dental and mouth care

"Essential oils are ideal for use in oral care products because they are both antiseptic and non-toxic, a rare combination!"   ( from Essential Oil Desk Reference 5th edition)

Apparently, the mouth is the dirtiest place in the body and even more specific: the back of the tongue. And most people use their toothbrush to scrub in order to get rid of bacterial, fungal and viral presence. However brushing is not enough as microorganisms hide between teeth and under the tongue. So something that helps to get rid of them would help and essential oils can do just that.

Essential oil of peppermint, wintergreen, eucalyptus, thyme and the blend Thieves® are at the heart of Young Living's formula for toothpaste, mouthwash and dental floss.

There are three different blends of Thieves® toothpastes and one of them is for your children. Together with the Mouthwash and the dental floss, the Thieves® Oral care line provides your with fluoride free, all natural, non-toxic products that supports your oral health.

Did you know?

Did you know that we use the Aromabrighht toothpaste not only to clean our teeth but also as a safe deodorant ? Seriously, it works great and we have two in one, so saving space in our bags.

Aromabright Toothpaste and Thieves Dental Floss

Aromabright Toothpaste and Thieves Dental Floss

New Natural Make-Up

You have changed and replaced a lot of toxic stuff in your home already AND there are still some areas where you could not get a real, a great alternative?!
Toxic-free Make-up might be one of these areas.

In Europe, we are fortunate to have organic, biological, safe cosmetics around for quite some time now. So why do we need a new line from Young Living?

Those were exactly my thoughts :)

I am not and have never been a heavy make up user - at all. The occasional Mascara, eyeliner and lippgloss yes, but on a daily base, no, thank you!

But I tried it out, loved it and discovered that again, like with the essential oils, there is a playing element in it that I really love :)

And I love that this can be a great healthy, toxic free alternative for women who are using make up daily!

So in summer 2017 YL presented this new line Savvy Minerals which will be available for us in Europe from January 2018 on! Great! I ordered a selection of the Savvy Minerals Linie already from the States and am loving and using the Lipgloss already a lot.

More to come in January!


What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the natural, very concentrated, aromatic liquids that are within trees, flowers, leaves, shrubs, roots, seeds and even grass and are usually extracted through steam distillation.

Essential oils support the plants in their growth and adaptation to the environment as well as play an important role in defending against insects and diseases.

And essential oils are very complex and are made up of hundreds of different, unique chemical compounds.

It requires a large amount of plant material to produce a small amount of essential oil, for example, it takes 2500kg of rose petals to produce 1kg of rose essential oil! Wow!


Why Quality matters?

The Quality of an essential oil is really important. Actually, it is the key to have an essential oil with optimal levels of the specific, naturally occurring constituents that characterize each plant!

When working with and using essential oils they will obviously end up in each cell of our bodies.  Every chemical constituent of the essential oil. So the quality of the oil determines whether there is a favorable action or a damaging action in our bodies.

That's why you want to use therapeutic grade essential oils. The best!

Check out Young Living's Seed to Seal® Process or even better, lets go and visit one of the many Young Living farms!

Where and how to start with the oils?

Young Living offers so many single essential oils and great blends, which can surely be overwhelming if you are new to the oils! So where to start?

From Young Living's 20+ years of experience, they picked the most used essential oils and created a Kit to start your essential oil journey with.

There are 3 different Premium Starter Kits that offer a great, easy yet effective way to start using the essential oils and products every day!

 1. Premium Starter Kit: Here you'll get 11 most used essential oils in 5ml bottles as well as the Dew Drop Diffuser which helps a lot to start using the oils in a simple and safe way! Along comes valuable information, essential oil samples for you to share with your loved ones and samples of the yummy NingXia Red juice.

2. Premium Starter Kit Aria: This Kit is the same than the "normal Premium Starter Kit with all the essential oils and samples, but with the elegant Aria Diffuser instead of the Dewdrop diffuser.

3. Premium Starter Kit NingXia Red: start healthy with 2 bottles of NingXia Red, 1 pack of NingXia Nitro, 30 sample packages NingXia Red for on the go as well as 5ml StressAway ! This is a wonderful way to start to boost your everyday well-being!

Premium Starter Kit with the Dew Drop Diffuser

Premium Starter Kit with the Dew Drop Diffuser

Premium Starter Kit with NingXia Red

Premium Starter Kit with NingXia Red


Are you also getting into the habit of checking labels of the things you buy in the stores?

Most of us know about the differences if we buy our vegetables from our local farmer or biostore or from the supermarket chain. Most of us know that there is much less harmful things in grassfed beef than in the industrial meat .

And most of us have become more conscious about what we put into and on our bodies over the last years.

Young Living is truely unique with their promise for and deep commitment to purity of their essential oils and products!

Young Living is the only essential oil company that owns their own Farms with destilleries around the globe. With their Seed to Seal Process, the whole process of the production of essential oils stays actually in one hand. From the soil to the seeds, the fertilizer and the weeding, the harvest and ( most important) the destillation, up to the testing and then bottleing of the oils, everything happens under the control and with the vast knowledge of Young Living.

So you and I can be sure to benefit from the highest quality essential oils!

LAVENDER FLOWERS                                       HELICHRYSUM                              HELICHRYSUM FARM CROATIA                           PLANTING HELICHRYSUM

LAVENDER FLOWERS                                       HELICHRYSUM                              HELICHRYSUM FARM CROATIA                           PLANTING HELICHRYSUM

Each and every essential oil contains specific plant compounds that offer the greatest potential benefit in their natural,  unadulterated state. Think of a mosaic or an orchestra: if a couple of stones or instruments are missing, something will be slightly off. Some of us will notice it right away, for some of us it will take a while. The same happens when a stone or an instrument is replaced by a synthetic one. You can even mimic an orchestra with a synthesizer, but we will hear the difference.

The same is true for the quality of essential oils!

The best way to experience this transparency is to visit one of the global farms and check it out! If you want to know the next event near you, just contact me!

download (10).jpeg

The Farms :

  • In the US in Mona, Utah and St.Maries, Idaho ( where Young Living started)
  • The Northern Light Farm in Fort Nelson, Canada where - amongst other- the amazing Black Spruce essential oil is distilled.
  • In Guayaquil, Ecuador where they have the largest distillery in South America
  • In Iquitos, Peru where YL Purchased more than 3400acres of Amazon Rainforest
  • In Salalah, Oman: this is really special because Young Living is the only essential oil company that was given permission to distil and export Sacred Frankincense!
  • And, of course, en Provence, France in Simiane-la-Rotonde
  • This April 2015 YL opened their newest farm in Croatia where we got to plant the precious Helichrysum plant this spring!
YL Farm Croatia, April 2015; happily planting Helichrysum

YL Farm Croatia, April 2015; happily planting Helichrysum


Historically there are three models of applying an essential oil: the german model only used essential oils by inhalation; the english model applied essential oils topically, meaning on the skin and the french doctors subscribed them to be used internallyIn the EU we are only allowed to talk about the first two models because essential oils are registered as cosmetics.

Make sure you read the label on your bottle of essential oil before using it.                                                                   

 Many Young Living essential oils are safe to apply directly/ neat ( without a carrier oil) onto your skin.


  • inhale directly from the bottle
  • put one drop into the palm of your hand, close your eyes and breathe it in.
  • put some drops in your cold diffuser like this one ( link).
  • place a couple of drops on a cotton ball and place in your drawer for nicely scented clothes.
  • pour some hot water into a bowl, add a few drops of essential oil and cover your heade with a towl ( like a tent). Breathe in deeply.

      2. TOPICAL

  • dilute a couple of drops of essential oil and dilute with a carrier oil. Then apply to and massage the desired area.
  • add a couple of drops of essential oil to a tablespoon of seasalt or epsom salt and then add to your hot/warm bath.
  • add some drops of your favorite Young Living essential oil to your Massage oil.
  • a great, safe way to use your essential oils topically is to apply them on the soles of your feet.

      3. INTERNAL

  • in Europe Young Living now offer the Plus oils for internal use. In the States these are called Vitality oils. These essential oils are officially registered as nutritional supplements .
  • we use them in our cooking and baking
  • we add a couple of drops to our smoothies and drinking water
  • we take them in vegetable capsules

Historically there are three models of applying an essential oil: the german model only used essential oils by inhalation; the english model applied essential oils topically, meaning on the skin and the french doctors subscribed them to be used internally.

In the EU we used to only be allowed to talk about the first two models because essential oils are registered as cosmetics. However since Octber 2016 we have essential oils that are officially registered as nutritional supplements! These essential oils ( Plus and Vitality)  are wonderful and safe to take internally.

Make sure you read the label on your bottle of essential oil before using it.    


  1. never put essential oils into your eyes! ( If it happens, wash your eyes with a fatty/ vegetable oil like olive or coconut oil, milk, joghurt etc, NOT with water! Water will drive the essential oil faster into the tissue.)
  2. never put essential oils directly into your ears!
  3. store essential oils in a dark and cool place;
  4. keep essential oils out of the reach of children;
  5. if you are pregnant always consult with your midwife or doctor to ensure safe application!
  6. if you have any health condition always consult with your healthcare provider and doctor to ensure safe application!


Some Inspirations for application:

  1. put a couple of drops of essential oil Lemongrass or the essential oil Blend Purification on the inside ( the cardboard part) of a toilet paper roll for a nice fresh smell in your bathroom.
  2. add a couple of drops of Lemongrass, Purification, Lavender or Tea Tree essential oil to your softener compartment of your washing machine for fresh and clean smelling laundry.
  3. diffuse essential Oil of Lavender before bedtime for a calming aroma; you can also put one or two drops of Lavender on your pillow.
  4.  enjoy a revitalizing foot bath with some sea salt and a couple of drops ofLemon essential oil before a pedicure.



True Beauty Comes From Within

Personal Care

Wouldn't you agree that our mindset, our nourishment and how we live affects how we glow in our everyday life?

And to stay healthy, exercise and eating healthy is not enough anymore. Also what we put on our skin is crucial, because it can be full of harmfull stuff that accumulates and ends up in our cells interfering with our radiant beauty!

For centuries essential oils have been highly regarded for their tremendous skin- rejuvenating properties and widely used to enhance our beautiful appearence. They hydrate, nourish and improve the appearence of our skin.

Young Living natural beauty care products are free from harmful chemicals, formulated with highest quality botanicals and infused with these precious essential oils to support your sparkle everyday!




What are your favourites for skin care?

Our skin is the largest organ of our body. It helps to get things in and also to get stuff out.  So obvious it does matter what we put onto our skin as a lot of it will end up in our cells.

My favourite is the A.R.T. cleanser and Sheerlumé creme, very closely followed by the A.R.T. Renewal SerumIf you want to treat yourself, try the A.R.T. beauty mask. When you've spent too much time indoors, in your office, on the plane, this mask helps you to get the moisture back and to just feel beautiful!

And I just found this fine recipe for a facial serum:

  • 1 drop of Rose essential oil
  • 2 drops of Neroli essential oil
  • 5 drops of Frankincense
  • 2 drops of Cistus essential oil
  • 5 drops of Myrrh essential oil
  • 3 drops of orange essential oil
  • Argan oil to fill up a 5ml or if you want it more diluted a 15ml empty essential oil bottle and put a roll-on fitter on it. I used an empty frankincense bottle.

I apply it around my eyes - not too close- on my front, around my lips and my decolté and find especially the rose oil to be so nice and cooling- what a treat!!!

download (6).jpeg



Most of us know by now that Aluminium should not be in our daily deodorants, right!?

We found that women tend to like the green - Mountain Mint - better and men the blue - Meadow Mist - , but you would have to check for yourself :)

A great alternative I find especially while travelling is Purification! It comes handy in that bottle, I can apply it discreedly and it does the job! Yes, I use it neat and you can easily dilute it with some coconut oil.

Have you ever thought to use your toothpaste as deodorant ????

I recently started to use a pea size amount of theThieves® Aromabright toothpaste  as my toxic free deodorant and I totally love it!!! Give it a try!

download (7).jpeg


Are you enjoying Aromatherapy during your shower or in your bath yet?

Young Living's essential oil infused bath and shower gels, shampoos and conditioners are providing just that: healthy scents for a fragrant and luxurious experience!

Our favourite is definitely the Morning Start Shower gel as well as the Copaiba Shampoo. The great thing is that you can add some essential oils that support strong, healthy hair like Rosmarin essential oil, Lavender or cedarwood essential oil.

Or if you want to be even more creative, get the Bath& Shower Gel Base and add the essential oils of your choice! It's fun and the scent of your shower gel will never get boring :)

Essential Fitness

Young Living Fitness supporting essential oils :

  • Peppermint - supports and enhances healthy blood flow and oxygenation; a couple of drops in the palm of your hands, rub on to your neck and shoulders and inhale; a few drops on the desired area helps to cool down
  • Idaho Blue Spruce - supports healthy hormone balance
  • Copaiba - supports a healthy immune system
  • PanAway - supports healthy circulation and recovery after work out
  • Deep Relief -
  • StressAway - supports healthy hormone balance; great for after workout relaxation!
  • there is even a blend that's called FITNESS from the Oola Infused 7 Kit!
download (3).jpeg

Fitness supporting Young Living Nutritional Supplements:

  • NingXia Red -

    an amazing antioxidant drink! NingXia Red contains complete Goji berry puree, Grape seed extract, Blueberry Plum, Aronia, Cherry, plus a number of EO. Also it contains21 trace minerals, 18 amino acids, carotenoids, symbiotic vitamin/mineral pairs, Vit B1 B2 B6, &E, polyphenosl flavonoids. NingXia Red has an extremely high ORAC ( that supports our immune system, liver function and eye health.

  • NingXia Nitro -

    low caffein but supports mental and physical focus. Absolute booster for any ahtlete or anyone needing mental focus. Maximises energy evel. The closest we can get to Asterix’ magic potion :)

  • OmegaGize -  high qualtiy Ω3 from krill, EPA,DHA,CoQ10Vit D and E from mixed Tocopherols, Clove and Camomille EO to reduce oxidation
  • Sulfurzyme - MSM: Methylsulphonylmethan: organic sulphur, supports every major function of human body
  • BLM - MSM, glucosamin sulfate, type II collagen, supports Bones, Ligmanets, Muscles, hence BLM
  • Power Meal -  High protein low carb meal replacement
download (4).jpeg

Post Workout / restorative Essential Oils and infused products:

  • again, NingXia Red!
  • take a nice relaxing bath with a couple of drops of essential oil Idaho Blue Spruce and Epsom Salt;
  • Blends like Relieve ItPanAway  and Deep Relieve are also great helpers !

Here are some more infos on using Young Living products for Fitness on the Young Living Blog

Here you can read about athletes that love to use Young Living products to support them in their performance and life!

Lavender and Lavandin

What is the difference between Lavender and Lavandin?

When you drive to Provence en France, there is this amazing moment, when you spot the first purple spot between the trees or bushes ! Yeah!

And then there is the next purple field and the next and then the fields are everywhere - sooo beautiful!

Most of what you will see are fields of cloned Lavandin or cloned Lavender.

Lavandin is a hybrid, it is steril, each and every plant looks exactly the same - hence the beautiful perfect lines of purple lavandin we see en Provence.

Lavandin also has much more yield and so it is cheaper to produce than true Lavender. It is widely used in the perfume and soap industry.

Lavandin has significant more camphor than true Lavender and the untrained nose has a hard time to differenciate between true Lavender and Lavandin.

©2017 Nicolas Landel

©2017 Nicolas Landel

Lavandin is the "child" of true Lavender and Spike Lavender.

Lavandin is a great essential oil for cleaning. They even clean animal cages with Lavandin essential oil.

So because they smell similar and Lavandin is much cheaper, a lot of Lavender essential oil that is sold is actually diluted with Lavandin essential oil.  True Lavander on the other side provides a much lesser yield, making it a more expensive essential oil.

The uses for true Lavender are very different ones - true Lavender :

  • is great to enhance the appearance of our skin. So you can put a couple of drops in your chemical free body lotion, cream or in a vegetable oil like coconutoil and nourish your skin. You can also put a couple of drops into your chemical free shampoo. Or create your own relaxing bath salt. There are so many uses in this area!
  • put a couple of drops in your cold diffuser or on your pillow to help you get a restful night.
  • or put a coupleof drops on the soles of your feet before going to bed.
  • put a couple of drops in your cold diffuser whenever you want to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

The difference between Clonal and Population Lavender

If you take a twig from a Lavender plant and grow another plant out of it, it is called a clonal Lavender. It is exactly the same Lavender, the same size, the same smell and the same color.

If you grow your Lavender plant from the seed you will get a great variety of different Lavender plants and it is called populational Lavender. It is different in size, in smell and in color. So these fields look very different from the homoge

Young Living grows only from seeds as they believe in the power of the variety from plant to plant.

Women's Essentials - Clary Sage - balancing our female hormones

It seems that it comes more and more into our awareness that we actually can balance our hormones naturally, with the food that we eat, with simply moving our bodies and with the help of our herbal friends.

Essential Oils like Clary Sage, Fennel, Yarrow and Ylang Ylang are just a few that are known historically to balance our beautiful female hormones.

Clary Sage essential oil is a relaxing essential oil, so a couple of drops applyed before going to bed could be a great idea.

Clary Sage is a cooling essential oil- any hot condition coming to your mind?

Clary Sage is an ulifting essential oil and can also be used to support healthy digestion.

With applying essential oil of Clary Sage I had the my first and most amazing result when I started working with the essential oils so far! It was helping me regulating, balancing and smoothing out my cycle, wow!

Actually it was together with another essential oil blend Progessence PhytoPlus - which is actually a serum made from wild yams and enhanced with essential oils. ( Sacred Frankincense, Bergamot, Peppermint, Cedarwood, Rosewood, Clove) - unfortunatly not in stock in Europe right now, but I will let you know asap when it comes back, because this is the thing to have!!!

Clary Sage can support a smooth and healthy female cycle, harmonising our intricat pattern of hormones during our childbearing years as well as during transitioning through and even after menopause!

Have you smelled it yet? It's scent is described as distinctive and complex, quite strong if you ask me : I sometimes love it and sometimes cannot stand it :)

This is how I use it:

  • I fill a 15ml Clary Sage essential oil bottle with half the essential oil and half with V6 vegetable oil complex and put a Roll-on Fitter on it - ready to use!
  • or you could add a couple of drops to your all natural moisturizer/ body lotion to improve the appearance of your skin with Clary Sage
  • Where to apply? Ah, good question! Inside of your thighs, lower abdomen, lower back and / or Reflexology points on your feet ( ankle, innr and outer, look it up on a reflexology chart!)
  • How much and how often? Please try it out. Listen to your body! Do you know your cycle? Are you not bleeding anymore? Start with less and go slowly.
  • Don't use Clary Sage while you are pregnant! During labour it's a different story, please check with your midwife or aromatherapist - Clary Sage can be very supportive during labour! ( for an interesting study click here )
  • diffuse it in your cold diffuser for a relaxing atmosphere
  • put a drop or two into your aroma necklace to carry the scent around you all day.

More to come about Women's Essentials - balancing our female hormones - stay tuned !

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact me !

These are the blends from Young Living made with Clary Sage essential oil: Lady Sclareol, Sclaressence and IntotheFuture

Clary Sage in flower

Clary Sage in flower

DIY Einkorn bread

You will find Einkorn products since about 2 years in the product realm of Young Living: there is Einkorn flour, Einkorn Pancake mix, Einkorn Spaghettis and Rotinis....

Einkorn is Triticum monococcum, it's called petit épautre in french and is one of the oldest domesticated wheats. It has 14 chromosoms and is quite compatible for those who are gluten intolerant.

In France it has always been cultivated together with Lavender as a rotation crop. That way it has always been around, but is gaining in popularity quite fast nowadays. You can easily get it in any biostore here in France.



Einkorn Bread

This is a really easy recipe to make your own Einkorn bread - so no excuses :)

Preheat the oven to 250°C / 475°F.

Mix 500g / about 3.5.-4 cups of Einkornflour with 1 pack (8g / a bit less than 1 tblsp) of dry yeast, a bit of salt, a handful or two of seeds and/ or nuts of your choice - linseed, hempseed, sunflowerseed,...

Add about 0.5.liter / about 2 cups of lukewarm water and kneet until everything is well combined.

Put into a breadbaking form and cut a fine line in the middle of the bread with a wet knife to make sure it rises and "breaks" in the middle.

Reduce the oven to about 200°C / a bit less than 400°F and bake for about 45 minutes.

Et voilà -  bon appétit!

mmmmh, smells soooo good!!!

mmmmh, smells soooo good!!!

Growing Einkorn is quite easy and is done from September till it is harvested the following August.

In the South of France en Provence, Young Living is growing Einkorn and is even running their own Einkorn mill that you can visit when you join the Young Living Lavender Harvest that takes place each July. It is beautiful and so worth it !!!


Nicolas landel & Captain Nitro at the Einkornmill

Nicolas landel & Captain Nitro at the Einkornmill