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Marianne Just-Meyer


Hi, my name is Marianne Just-Meyer and I am originally from the middle/ northern part of Germany. I am a certified midwife and worked for nearly 10 years as a homebirth midwife in Germany and Switzerland. I studied herbal medicine with Susun S. Weed in upstate NY, US and did my massage training at the Massage School of Santa Fe. I am a Wastu® practitioner and prenatal and birth trauma therapist. Currently I am in the bio dynamic cranio-sacral training in Switzerland.

In 2013, my husband Christian and I discovered the Thieves® household cleaner from Young Living. Actually my sister-in-law send a sample from Texas and thats how this amazing journey with Young Living started.

Christian was working as captain on yachts in the Med at that time and got tired of surrounding himself with all these poisonous products that you use on a boat to make it shine. These toxic products would all end up in his body and the ocean and fish. No good!!! So he started to use the Thieves® household cleaner and soon there was a diffuser and the essential oils on board!

At the same time I was looking for some new project in my life. It had been a while that I stop working as a homebirth midwife as I was exhausted and burned out from the years of being on call and - although of course this is an amazing and wonderful job- the constant struggling with finances. And I really wanted to be free to travel more! There needed to be a better way!

When I discovered Young Living's essential oils it was like a wave of creativity came into my life: I am always joking that these oils brought more color into my life :)

There are so many ways to use these essential oils! I started to concoct my own bodycreams and dishwasher tabs, tinkered with more fluid creams and just enjoyed the infinite amount of variety in their combination. Even better to know that these oils are of an amzing quality! And then there were all these wonderful stories of experiences people had usind the oils and the essential oil infused products!

And I loved the idea that I could go to the YL Farms and check them out! True transparency!

After my first visit on the French Lavender Farm in Simiane-la-Rotonde I was amazed by the conscious way the people on the Farm were doing their work, by their care and true passion for the Earth, the plants and the essential oils!

On the new farm in Croatia we helped to plant the precious Helichrysum plants and were so proud to hear when they distilled the first batch of Helichrysum there!

Do you want to know more? Please feel free to contact me, I'd be happy to help you get started with the essential oils!