Lavender Harvest 2017

 Lavender field and Simiane la Rotonde

Lavender field and Simiane la Rotonde

Happy Day to you! We are just getting back from two visits of the Young Living Farm en Provence in July!

As some of you may know, this year we decided to gather a small group and just head out to Simiane-la-Rotonde for the week-end and learn and see as much about Lavender, Lavandin , Destillation and Seed to Seal as we could :)

And it so happened that YL France official organized an french farm tour at that weekend - perfect!

We again met with Nicolas Landel, the French Farm Manager, who talked about the destillation process, showed us the Lavender fields and shared his vast knowledge about all things Lavender!

At lunchtime we enjoyed tasteful Einkorn Quiches and an amazing lavendercake ( I still have to find the recipe for that to share with you!)

Sunday morning we managed to get to a great spot to harvest our own wild lavender! Later that day we arrived at home and spread the wild lavender out to dry. After 1,5 days of drying or resting, we did our FIRST DESTILLATION with a little copper destillation we bought last year.

So each one of our little group actually got a couple of ml of self harvested, self destilled wild lavender ! What an amazing experience!!!!

Again, it was so relaxing to be en Provence, surrounded by amazing lavander, lavandin and this early also clary sage fields, we will definitly organise something like this again next year!

dried wild Lavender ready to distill

hidden Lavenderfield and abundance of freshly destilled Lavandin essential oil at the YL Farm destillery.