Rose Essential Oil

 Rose damascena

Rose damascena

May is the month of the Rose down here in the South of France with all the scents they have to offer.

Young Living Essential Oil of Rose is steam distilled from the flowers in a two-part process and comes from Turkey and Bulgaria - it is the Rose damascena not the Rose centifolia which comes from Maroc.

It takes 5 tonnes of Rose petals to obtain 1 Liter of the essential oil therefor this is the most precious and the most expensive essential oil!

Rose essential oil is a very traditional oil and has been known for its many uses over the centuries.

Rose essential oil is especially beneficial for the healthy appearance of our skin and hassoothing and cooling effects. As we all know you find it in so, so many skin care products.

Rose is the queen under the essential oils and can be used many, many situations: it has a soothing and calming quality not only to the skin but also for the mind and it is said to open ones heart. Midwives and pregnant women used it as well as caregivers for the dying.

Young Living uses it in the following of their blends:

Awaken, Egyptian Gold, Envision, Forgiveness, Gathering, Gentle baby, Harmony, Highest Potential, Humility, Joy, Sara, Trauma Life and White Angelica.

Have you smelled a Rose today?

Marianne Just-Meyer